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What You Need to Know About Making Cricut T-Shirts Designs

Are you aware that you don’t need to get a fashion designer to design for you a t-shirt? With the aid of a cricut machine, you can design your t-shirt from the comfort of your home like a renowned designer and enjoy wearing on trendy t-shirt designs. When it comes to designing of your cricut t-shirts, you don’t have to worry of complicated computer processes, this one needs you to cut design of what you want on your t-shirt on a vinyl material which can be of any color. As a beginner, you may have some challenges in producing the bets designs becomes of some few errors which you will iron out as you learn more about cricut t-shirt designing. In this article, you will learn what you need to know about making cricut t-shirts designs.

Research for a design that you would love to have on your t-shirt. When launching a new t-shirt designing project, you will have to make a selection of the style, design, and color from the template that your cricut machine comes with. As a beginner, it is recommendable that you start with a simple design that probably comes with one color and has few details on it for you to implement. The size of the crafted design can always be changed by increasing or decreasing the width of your design on the template.

Remove any unwanted vinyl designs on your template as you preparing the design to be placed on your t-shirt. Removing unwanted materials on your design includes peeling off of the vinyl that is not required to be part of the design, this is done cautiously to avoid tearing off the entire design.

Once you have your design at hand, transfer it to your t-shirt. How you will end up transferring your customized design to your t-shirt will largely influence the equality of your design on your t-shirt. If you are going to use an iron for pressing your design on the t-shirt, you will be required to preheat the iron first. You will also be required to preheat the t-shirt surface that will be plastered with the design. You can check out on the website of the cricut machine for further details on how to place and press the design on your t-shirt.

How do you take caution of your cricut t-shirt? Your newly designed t-shirt should not be washed or come into contact with water until 24 hours have elapsed since the design was placed on the t-shirt. Always wash your designed t-shirt when it is inside out and avoid the use of bleaching agents when washing it.

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